Plastic Thermoforming

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Plastic Thermoforming

Plastic thermoforming can be used to form simple or complex shapes around molds using vacuum forming, drape forming, vacuum snapback, plug assist, billow forming, reverse draw, and pressure forming. These processes are used to reach the client’s desired outcome. For these processes, molds that are provided can be used or molds can be created in-house for the product. Most of the plastic thermoforming is outsourced to a company that has conducted business for us for many years and is very reliable.

Sizes as large as:

• 16″ by 16″ to 30″ by 50″

• Draw up to 18″ with material thicknesses up to .375″

Types of Plastics Used:


• Acrylic

• High Impact Styrene

• Kydex

• Lexan

• Noryl

• Polyethylene

• Polypropylene

• Polysulfone

• Rigid PVC

• Rigid & Flexible Vinyl

• Royalite

• And many more

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