CAD Design/ Engineering Prints

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CAD Design/ Engineering Prints

Proventure Prototyping offers the design of new prototypes and products on the latest CAD software SolidWorks. We design all of our machined parts to be optimized for CNC machines to decrease tool time and ultimately cost, as well as optimizing other parts for their specific manufacturing process.  We also offer the optimization and redesign of existing parts and assemblies to reduce the production cost, while improving the part or assemblies functionality.

Proventure will create engineering drawings or prints for any prototype or product.  These engineering drawings or prints will contain all the information and detail needed to manufacture the part.  They can then be used by any machining or manufacturing facility to create the desired part.

Proventure also offers tolerance stack studies for existing and new assemblies to determine that all parts will fit together and operate properly when manufactured by any qualified Manufacturer. This is an important study to run before products move into full production to eliminate many future problems that may arise.

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