Engineering Consulting

Engineering Consulting

 Engineering Consulting

Proventure Prototyping offers on and off site engineering consulting to assist with all aspects of your designs and products, as well as developing new designs and products. We take your design from concept to prototype to production.  We have experience in many industries with various products, as well as working with and managing many small teams.

We can turn your idea into a product with the use of SolidWorks CAD software and then quickly turn that into a physical prototype using many different manufacturing processes.  Once the concept is finalized we can put it into full production. We can help find a manufacturer or work with our partner companies to put the product into full production and present your company with a final turnkey product.

Concept Design

We can take your idea, rough sketch, or specific product design specifications and provide several concepts using computer modeling.

Mechanism Design

With the use of our engineering experience and SolidWorks, complex assemblies can be virtually built and tested, before moving into the prototyping phase.  These tools and our experience will allow for optimization of your mechanical mechanisms through analyzing their behavior and eliminating any problems prior to prototyping.


Once your design is finalized and fully tested using our virtual tools, our prototyping facility can take your concept from a computer model to a physical product. Further analyses can be done once prototyping is completed and physical testing can be conducted.  Gap analyses can then be conducted, after which a plan to mitigate gaps can be developed and executed.

Engineering Drawings

When the prototype or 3D computer model is finalized engineering drawings can be created for each individual part.  These engineering drawings can then be taken to any manufacturer or to several different ones to have them manufacture your final product.  The engineering drawings include all the tolerances and manufacturing specifications required for production.

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