Proventure Prototyping works with small and large companies to provide professional mechanical and manufacturing engineering solutions, focusing on:  design, prototyping, development of products, and cost reducing design improvements, through the manufacture of final products. We execute this through:

  • Solid model design
  • Tolerance and design studies
  • CNC component optimization, sheet metal,  and reverse engineering
  • Injection molding, 3D printing/SLA/SLS, and plastic thermoforming
  • Project management and turn-key solutions
  • CAD tools SolidWorks

We offer many different forms of support:

Design: Design products to meet and exceed FDA, UL, as well as many other standards while meeting thermodynamic and design requirements.

Create: Create innovative fixtures for testing, R&D, and production to enhance quality and repeatability. Build and test prototypes and products to find and solve problems and provide post product support

Lead: Lead teams in charge of designing, prototyping, purchasing, and testing during the R&D phase through final production and commercialization. Proventure will manage projects to speed up the development process while keeping them on schedule and within budget.

Perform Gap Analyses: Perform gap analyses of existing machines, prototypes, and designs vs the requirements, then develop plans to mitigate gaps, execute the plan and alter design where necessary. Develop studies to analyze various options of integrated components and select best-suited components based on function, cost, and ease of integration.

Build on Existing Relationship: Build on existing relationship with external suppliers to leverage their expertise in design and manufacturing capabilities to meet the part requirements and create new supplier relationships. Interface with hardware and programming engineers to lay out requirements and assure that both functional design specifications (FDS) and software design specifications requirements are achieved.

Value Added: Take the pressure off your company by letting Proventure take care of your engineering, prototyping, and full production work. Proventure’s service does not end with the completion of engineering, design, or production of prototypes. We offer turnkey products where all the production and assembly work is complete.

Assembly: From the simple joining of two parts to complex assemblies with both mechanical and electrical parts, Proventure has the tools and the experience required to deliver high-quality assemblies for applications in many different fields. With the experience of assembling many products over the past 15 years or more, many fixtures are utilized to minimize the assembly time, saving you money, and to enhance quality and repeatability.

Industries Served

  • Medical:  Medical Lasers, Medical Imaging Diagnostic Products, Sterile Packaging
  • Solar/ Off-Grid Power Solutions: Solar and diesel  power cube, off-grid generation and storage
  • Law Enforcement: Less lethal weapons
  • Bearing industry: Fixtures and material selection
  • Test Equipment: Laser, optical, and mechanical life test equipment
  • Consumer Products: coffee, sports, and automotive products, garden furniture, display cases

And many more.


And many more.

We are always looking for our next challenge in a new or existing industry where we can expand our knowledge base while applying our vast engineering knowledge.


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